We actively support local community events, either by hosting activities at the coffee house or attending events off-site, and catering coffee and our homemade bakery items.

Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters is also committed to donating coffee to local non-profits that benefit our community.

The Summit Space is available for your events, with an hourly charge. We have a sound system for individuals to bring their own mics and cables for system hookup.



Sierra Mountain Coffee Roastery – a poem

"As you enter the café your nose is assaulted by the strong
smells of coffee and books, old and new, falling apart and
closely bound. People mumur, sipping their drinks while they
chat. There are books everywhere, on tables and shelves,
inviting me to read them and to enter other worlds; a whole
room is dedicated to these wonderful page turners. A long
counter stands alone with a case piled high with bagels,
croissants, scones and cupcakes like an island of sweets. Your
choices of coffee and other beverages are artfully written on
chalk board wall, filled with images of woodland creatures
and wild beasts. Quiches, sandwiches, bagels, soup, breakfast
burritos, and salad are offered for early morning and
afternoon favorites, exchanging hungry tummies with happy
faces. Music plays softly in the background accompanying the
chatting people. The cozy atmosphere, familiar faces and
wonderful food make this my all-time favorite café in
Grass Valley."

Livia, 12 years old


Check our calendar for scheduled concerts and any other activities! Schedule your own event in the Summit Space, available for rental with a sound system and sound technician.

Come in and join us with our events!